Core Services

PAM Wellness Solutions’ core services have been developed to support our clients and service users’ mental health since 2009, expanding on the physical health and rehabilitation services that our occupational health sister company has expertly provided since 2004.

We provide 24/7/365 confidential helplines, including employee assistance programmes (EAP), as well as student and member assistance programmes available to support those in the UK, Ireland and overseas. We also offer enhanced psychological services and specialist therapies, as well as pre and post-incident trauma services.

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Whatever your needs, we have a solution to support you

PAM Wellness Solutions offers a selection of core helpline service delivery models to suit the needs of any organisation, large or small. by extending our reach internationally, individuals overseas can receive similar services, though culturally and appropriately aligned to the countries they reside in.

Digital Support

Our market leading digital support is your cutting-edge digital solution with a difference: providing a wellbeing app with built in risk assessment and goal-setting tools that will guide individuals to the following resources, based on their unique needs as well as digital counselling options.

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PAM Assist Wellbeing App and Portal

Developed by behaviour change experts, the PAM Assist Wellbeing app and portal is included in all our core EAP models. It’s an ORCHA approved internally developed market leading solution, supporting the full spectrum of health and wellbeing via a wealth of tools and resources.

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SliverCloud cCBT dashboard

Computerised Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (cCBT)

This digital form of mental health support is recommended by NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) and is widely used across the country in the NHS, Occupational Health provisions, and many more. Provided through an evidence based computerised CBT solution, Silvercloud.

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Latest News

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Webinar - 4th July 2024 | 1pm – 1.45pm

Imposter Syndrome and Neurodiversity: Building Resilience and Confidence

🌟 Join us for an insightful webinar on “Imposter Syndrome and Neurodiversity: Building Resilience and Confidence”! 🧠✨ This engaging session aims to delve into the complexities of Imposter Syndrome, especially in the context of Neurodiversity, and offer strategies to cultivate resilience and confidence among individuals who may experience these challenges. Our distinguished panel, comprising experts […]

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Mental health blog

How Employers Can Prevent Loneliness in the Workplace

Loneliness is a growing concern in modern workplaces, impacting employees’ mental health, productivity, and overall job satisfaction. While workplaces are traditionally social environments, factors such as remote working, high job demands, digitalisation of certain job roles and lack of community can contribute to a sense of isolation among employees. Understanding the causes and effects of […]

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Mental health blog

Men and Mental Health

This Men’s Health Week, we aim to raise awareness about mental health issues affecting men and the support options available. Many cases go undiagnosed and a true picture can be difficult.

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