Critical Incident Support

Managing traumatic events requires appropriate critical incident support, if you wish to reduce the risk of employees developing psychological injuries.

How you respond in the aftermath of a traumatic event will have a significant impact on the recovery of those affected. Reassure employees that their wellbeing matters and help them to recover with professional critical incident support.

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Trauma Support

Traumatic events and critical incidents have the power to psychologically harm employees. As does working in a high-risk role where employees can be vicariously exposed to trauma. 

Our wide range of trauma support services enables you to provide expert care to employees to protect their ability to function.

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Pre-Incident Planning

Pre-incident planning is the process of considering how an event with the power to disrupt the business, or distress employees, should be handled including policies, processes and training.

Critical Incident Support

Supporting individuals experiencing the psychological aftermath of being exposed to a deeply distressing event, professional support is essential.

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Post-Incident Support

Trauma is officially defined, as resulting from exposure to actual or threatened death, serious injury or sexual violence. Left unsupported they could go on to develop intrusive symptoms that limit their ability to attend or perform at work. On-going support is crucial.

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Critical incidents are typically events that have the power to throw an organisation into crisis, such as terrorist attacks, on-site fatalities, armed robbery or employee suicide. However, they can also include any event with the potential to cause distress to employees, such as the death of a colleague, being exposed to distressing situations and in some cases large scale redundancies. 

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What our clients say about PAM Wellness Solutions

When we were searching for a new EAP provider, we were impressed by PAM Wellbeing’s interactive wellbeing portal and value for money, and by the responsiveness and the high level of service offered by both their Business Development Consultant and Account Manager. The set-up and transition to PAM Wellbeing has been smooth and, unlike when we signed with our previous EAP provider, we haven’t had any negative feedback from staff. On the contrary, we know of several staff members who have been able to access the counselling services effectively.


We invited PAM Wellbeing, our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) provider, to review our data and together created a three-year mental health strategy. As a result, we’ve seen a positive shift in the business culture and the quality of relationships, which has made our advisors feel cared for and remain loyal to the organisation. Managers who may have before been focused on output and targets, have been reminded of the human side of leading a group of our people, which has helped them develop into more empathetic and effective leaders.


Our staff have benefitted enormously from the trauma and critical incident support delivered by PAM Wellbeing. It has sign-posted them to relevant therapies, so they can recover and thrive at work. This has been essential to ensuring we can continue to provide our staff with a crucial therapy for supporting them to recover from exposure to a traumatic event.

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Wellbeing is our number one priority. PAM have continually proved themselves willing to work with us to develop and deliver innovative and diverse solutions, turning our ideas into reality and ensuring that our service offer remains relevant and meets business need.

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