University Mental Health Day (9th March) is an annual event that aims to raise awareness about the importance of mental health among students.

Student mental health is a crucial issue that affects many individuals pursuing higher education. Student life can be a time of great excitement, new experiences, and personal growth, but it can also be a period of significant stress and challenges. The pressures of academic performance, financial responsibilities, social expectations, and other demands can take a toll on students’ mental health and wellbeing.

Key findings from UCAS claim there is a 450% increase in student mental health declarations over the last decade. Furthermore, one in five students research support for an existing mental health condition before they apply, and more than one in four looks at the provision of general mental health and wellbeing services.

As the number of students seeking support services, struggling with mental health challenges, dropping out of university due to distressing issues, and, unfortunately, losing their lives to suicide continues to grow, it’s important to raise awareness about the need for better mental health services in higher education.

On this University Mental Health Day, we want to highlight how our student wellbeing services can provide support to students who are facing mental health difficulties.

Our approach to a Student Assistance Programme

PAM Wellbeing can offer students support through life and study challenges with professional and proactive care. We provide holistic and comprehensive support services for higher education institutions and further education providers to ensure their students feel supported and empowered throughout their studies to achieve their full potential.

Our Student Assistance Programme includes the following:

24/7/365 helpline – answered by qualified British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) counsellors who provide in the moment emotional support

Ease of access – Students can also contact us via live chat, email, online or request a call-back, we provide access in over 200 languages

Triage and clinical assessments – we adopt biopsychosocial assessment including a risk assessment to determine the best support for the student

Legal and financial information – practical information services provided by subject matter experts covering a range of issues

Risk management – we have bespoke agreed protocols regarding risk in line with student emergency contact statements

Short-term solution focused counselling – counselling sessions delivered by telephone, video, and face to face (in-person)

Wellbeing app and portal – our ORCHA-approved internally developed market leading solution supports the full spectrum of health and wellbeing via a wealth of tools and resources

Computerised Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (cCBT) – is provided through an evidence based digital solution

Enhanced pathways – fulfilling student duty of care and comprehensive support by associated PAM Group companies such as ToHealth who provide assistance, training, and even technology for Neurodiverse students in areas like Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Autism, and ADHD

Critical Incident support – should your University, College or PBSA experience a traumatic event; our critical incident team will be on hand to guide you and provide psychological first aid and debriefing support

Additional Wellbeing Services

We also offer additional services to support the wellbeing of your students, which includes:

Structured Professional Support: This service provides an opportunity for students ‘wellbeing teams and in-house wellbeing professionals to talk in confidence to a qualified therapist and supervisor about how their role or home life is impacting their mental health.

Wellbeing Workshops and Webinars: These courses assist individuals in developing soft skills and gaining insights into mental health issues. We cover a wide range of informative topics to promote wellbeing.

Enhanced and Managed Psychological Services:

CBT – is commonly used for more complex mental health issues or trauma

Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR) – a therapy commonly used where trauma is an underlying issue

Integrative counselling and other specialist therapies – longer-term models that fall outside of a short-term counselling service

We must recognise the need for better mental health support in the higher and further education sectors to support the wellbeing of the millions of students out there. Let’s create a safe and supportive environment together where all students can thrive.

“As a 24/7, 365 days a year service, I feel reassured that even when our campuses are closed, our students are never without someone to talk to when they need it most.” The Manchester College

Please get in touch with our expert team today for more information about student mental health and wellbeing services. Whatever your needs, we have a solution to support you.